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A word or two. Workout. Have fun if you want. Post pics of yourself doing kipping pull-ups or strict L-Sit Pull-ups. Just don’t expect everyone to be with you 100% of the time. Not every person that you know is going to support you in every endeavor. That would be too weird anyway and there would never be a struggle. The struggle is everything. The pain, and hardship are part of any great struggle. Embrace them. Being told no hurts, but only if you take no for an answer. Learn to deal with doubters internally. Dealing with it may not be best served trying to convince someone who has already made up their mind. Waste of energy. Accept it. Or don’t. You may find that you don’t need approval. You may find self-assuredness, self-confidence, and self-reliance intoxicating. They are really quite breath-taking actually. I suggest trying them all. I know. Your CrossFit workouts are helping you with all that stuff. Just when you are starting to gain some real momentum, someone comes along and tries to drag you down. It is OK. It will only happen if you let it. Keep on Keeping on. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-ah your stride. Nobody’s gonna slow you down. Oh no, you’ve got to keep on movin’. Try not asking pretty please for permission to have someone’s approval. Try to care enough not to care what someone thinks about what makes you happy. One last thing. Our workout choice is just a workout choice. Take your health and fitness serious, but don’t turn it into a crusade.

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#FBF to last week's Friday Night Lights for #EverydayWarrior #BattleSeries WOD 1! Tackling WOD 2 tonight!

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FRONT SQUAT: 5 @ 75% – 3 @ 85% – 1 + @95% then Four Rounds for Time of: 10 Pull-ups 20 Bulgarian Squats 10 Ball SlamsFiled under: lifting, WODs Tagged: ball-slams, Bulgarian squats, front squats, pull-ups

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No Taylor Swift video...yet.

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Ivan Boikov published the post How To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life With Deck Of Cards on Tabata Times
Yes you’re not mistaken you really can get a great workout using deck of cards. Expensive gym...
Scott Archer published the post Best nutritious food diet meal plans on Nutrition WOD
A meal plan is fundamental to guarantee to get legitimate supplements and a generally adjusted...
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Anybody attempting to shed pounds will have the capacity to make their endeavors much less...
stcolette published the post CrossFit Brought Me Back to Life on
I have read a number of articles about CrossFit written by people who took up the sport as their...
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#Rongrid (@pinkibone @ronaldjustin1) takes on #EverydayWarrior #BattleSeries WOD #2! #NoOneFightsAlone We'll miss these two at Friday Night Lights tomorrow, but they made time to get the WOD done before they take off for Vegas! #Priorities

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Wod for Friday 11/14/14 1. Warm Up (3 rds: 30 sec DUs, 5 pause squats, 5 iron crosses each leg, 5 pass throughs). Then: 1 Rd barbell 2. Skill: OH Squat 3. Strength: Work up to a 10 rep max OHS 4. WOD 1- 12 Min Amrap Of: -4 DB/KB Thrusters (35,20) -4 T2B -4 Ring Dips *Increase reps by 2 each round

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Hi All I want to apologize for not being very active or demonstrative during classes over the last month. I have been dealing with an injury that I have been trying to power through but it just wasn't getting better. I started having a bit more pain over the last few days and finally went in for a "check". I found out this evening that I have a hernia. Ill be seeing a surgeon as soon as I can to schedule the surgery (if needed). I'll still be teaching classes and doing modified WODs but now you know if I have some trouble doing some movement demos. Thanks, have a great Friday if I don't see you tomorrow Kevin

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Friday, November 14 SKILL Death by Toes to Bar *Perform 2 T2B the first minute and increase by 2 every minute. 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. WOD 12:00 AMRAP 30 Double Unders 15 Wall Balls (20/14) 10 Deadlift (185/135) -

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Sorry for the late notice but I need to cancel the 6:30am class tomorrow, Friday 11/14. Have a good evening! Kevin

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WOD 4 rounds for time 25 pull-ups 400 meter run #motivation#strength#community

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Friday Elements (all gyms) A1. Press: 6 reps; rest 60 seconds A2. Single Arm Bent Over DB Row: 12 reps/arm; rest 120 seconds x 5 sets B1. Front Leaning Rest: AMRAP x 3 sets; rest 90 seconds B2. Passive Bar Hang: AMRAP x 3 sets; rest 90 seconds Performance (fondren) a. hang power clean: build to a heavy triple in 15 minutes b. strict press: 3-5 reps every 2 minutes x 6 sets; each set tough, start heavy and maintain c. tabata front squat x 10 intervals - 30/15kg; cannot set bar down throughout Performance (Henderson) 5 min AMRAP: 20 m bear crawl 20 air squats rest 2:30 5 min AMRAP: 7 strict pull ups/ring rows 10 alt. DB snatch from ground rest 2:30 5 min AMRAP 10 push ups street and back run Performance (vickery) Skill Development: Double unders "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders Abmat situps + 50 Burpee over box for time

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[yumprint-recipe id='126']
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Coach Taylor updated the community board, so come check out all the new updates! There is a lot going on in December #crossfitcounterculture

adrummonds published the post Pumpkin Cake Batter Pancakes (Seasonal Delights) on
Yum!! Pumpkin and Pancakes! Perfect combination for the season! :) Recipe from instagram...
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CPR class details: When: Saturday, 11/15 Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm Cost: $45.00 (Cash or check accepted, no cards) Open to everyone!!

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Here are just a few highlights from the 2014 Trident Open courtesy of Jorge Huerta Photography

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Good Morning Curtis Ps

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Adv WOD For 11/13/14 Recovery Day

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Karla clearly misses us :)

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The 6th Annual HOLLY JOLLY TEAM CHALLENGE still has some space. Don't wait to get registered because the price increases each week. What is Holly Jolly? Teams of 4 (you can put them together or we can plug you into a team) will eat paleo and workout to earn points and stay on track during the Holiday Season. There are built in cheat meals, cheat days, take-home workouts, on-line food journal, team workouts, hot-wods for extra points, nutrition seminar and LOTS OF FUN!!! What is the point? To stay on track and accountable to each other during the holidays. Get lean while others pack on the pounds. What if I'm traveling? Its the Holiday Season! We expect that many of you will be traveling to visit family and friends or go on vacation. That is why the journal is on-line and we have a list of workouts that you can do while traveling. I've never eaten paleo - what do I do? Fortunately, for you, we have a prepared packet and nutrition seminar that explains paleo. These days eating paleo is easier than ever. If you want to make a paleo meal - just google "paleo enchiladas" and about 14 recipes will pop up. Plus our coaches understand paleo very well and they will be making notes on your journal to help you with ideas, recipes and more to keep you on track. What about supplements and meal replacements? We know many of you utilize meal replacement shakes, recovery shakes, KillCliff, Spark, etc. Just ask. We will answer these questions on a case by case basis. But if we've referred you to these products, then they will be okay on this challenge. What if I cheat? It happens, write it down and then get back on track. I don't have a team That is okay. We have a lot of teams that only have 3 people. Write your name on the board at the box or text your coach if you are at the clinic. Let them know you need teammates. We want you to succeed, so we want you on a team with people you know and trust. REGISTER - - under SIGN UP and EVENTS. Need help registering? Ask your coach.

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#TBT to the 2013 CrossFit Central 5K Fun Run and Food Drive! We are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving morning with our community this year. This will be open to all our CC community and their friends and family to join. Details coming soon! #Thanksgiving

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OGERs!! Do you love Rowing?? The Concept 2 Holiday Challenge is 2 weeks away!! These challenges are fun and rewarding!! Go check out the details!! We will run a team if y'all are interested!!

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OGERs! Results from Wednesday, 11.12.14

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Matt and Lori taking Trident to the desert! Getting in a WOD on vacation! #naturalnovember #nodaysoff #travelwod #fitaway

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Wodapalooza - Beginner Competition still has some spots open! Don't miss out on the best run, Individual and Team Beginner Competition in our area! December 6 & 7th in Belton, TX Team Registration - Individual Regisration -

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#TBT - Before the striped wall, wall ball targets, squat racks, weights, etc. The beginning, when it was purple. Gloria, getting her pull up. :)

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Sweat like a turkey in a 350 degree oven.

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A big thank you to the water fairy. It was very generous! You rock whoever you are!!

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New programming and a bunch of bad asses make for a busy gym!

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11.13.14 BUY-IN: 500m Row 10 sled drives 15 GHD sit-ups Chin-ups (20/14) 2 rope climbs CAPACITY: (Guys reps/Ladies reps) (20/12) Strict HSPU's (40/28) T2B Score is your largest unbroken set of each movement! Once that's done, get the remainder of the reps done at your own pace. STRENGTH: 30 Deadlift with 65% of your 1rm Rest a few, THEN 30 Push-press with 65% Make them happen in the fewest sets possible!

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Sara has been working a long time to hit a new strict press Personal Best and tonight she did it by hitting an 85# press, improving by 5 pounds! Hard work and consistency does pay off! Congratulations Sara!

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Happy #WorkingWomensWednesday

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Thursday I. Everyday Warrior WK #2 AMRAP 12 10 Deadlift 15 Wall Ball 30 Double Unders RX (185/135) (20/15) Scaled Masters (135/95) (15/8) (90 su) II. Back Squat 5 reps +5 5 reps +5 MR +5 NLT 5 III. Tabata Dead Bugs 20/10 8 rds

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Join us Monday, November 17 for a special, one-time Yoglity class. This will be a one-hour class that focuses on a fusion of yoga postures with standard CrossFit mobility movements. The hour will be filled with slow yoga flow combined iwth relaxed but extended stretches/postures to help ease muscle tension. IT is designed to increase flexibility and loosen tight joints and muscles. The class is for all levels. Bring your own yoga mat. Andrea Pertoso has been teaching yoga for the past 5 years in both traditional yoga studios as well as at CrossFit Solafide. She and her husband David recently moved to the area and we are excited to host this special event! Monday, November 17 6pm This is a one-time special event and will run along side our regular CrossFit class Bring your own yoga mat

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Wednesday 11/12/14 30 box jump 30 squats 30 kbs 30 sit up 30 burpees 30 DB push press 30 ring rows

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Check out a another great event from our friends at Meridian Avenue Massage! Going on from 9 to 5!

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OGERs! Results from Monday and Tuesday!!

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More programs added!!

adrummonds published the post Low Carb Gluten Free Bacon Egg Pancake Sandwich! on
Holy Crap! Can you believe that a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich can be low carb?! Well you...
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Awesome Veterans Day!

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